Deepit Bhatti Becomes India’s 1st and Youngest Multi-Hyphenate Creative to Incorporate a Company in the US

Deepit Bhatti, also known as Wrst Kid, seems to attract all the attention as he advances in life by utilising his diverse talents. The social media influencer-turned-musician and entrepreneur, who is only 19 years old, holds the distinction of becoming India’s first and youngest multi-talented artist to form a company in the United States.
Due to his eye-catching photographs and several controversies, Deepit Bhatti has undoubtedly been visible to you if you have been on social media or the internet for a long. The controversial social media star is currently dominating commerce in India like no one else ever has.

Even though the entertainment industry is full with imitators, Deepit Bhatti unquestionably leads them all with his wise choices like the one listed above.

What you need know about the multi-hyphenate creativity is as follows:
Deepit Bhatti, also known as Wrst Kid, was born on September 15, 2001. He is an Internet personality, musician, songwriter, athlete, model, sketch artist, and businessman. He is also the CEO and founder of CANCLD. Before entering the Business and Music Industries, he first gained notoriety on social media platforms for sharing photos and videos, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Deepit has been the primary topic when it comes to influencing people and creating trends since coming into the public eye in 2017–2018. According to reports, the well-known individual has also done endorsement work for a number of well-known companies, including mCaffeine, Bewakoof, The Souled Store, and others. We’ve all seen the imitators who try to follow in the creative artist’s footsteps, yet many of them fall short in the music and business worlds.

Deepit Bhatti established CANCLD LLC in July 2021. The business is a media conglomerate with its headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to some accounts, CANCLD was initially intended to be an e-commerce business, but when it launched, it was presented to the public as a media conglomerate. Because non-creatives have repeatedly imitated media companies, as of 2022 CANCLD supports a number of them while maintaining their anonymity to the broader public.

The online personality was the first and youngest multi-talented Indian to run a US corporation when he purportedly formed it as a US LLC from India when he was only 19 years old. People would imagine that Deepit, who is an Indian citizen, would have had difficulty starting a business abroad, but it appears that the outcome was really favourable.
The online star created SLCTVE shortly after forming CANCLD LLC. Deepit Bhatti has called upon the apparel line SLCTVE, which is registered as CANCLD LLC. The artist originally intended for it to be a merch brand, but after the initial run swiftly sold out, he decided to expand it into a full-fledged apparel line. The latest offering from SLCTVE is currently unavailable, as the social media star is taking his time to come up with new ones.

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