A Crocheted Maxi Dress and Underwear are all Addison Rae Wears to Parties

In addition to taking trips, maintaining her love for her boyfriend Omer Fedi, making the sassiest of remarks, and generally living her best life, Addison Rae is out and about. The TikTok queen has formally added “unbothered queen” to her title since she chose to turn heads in New York City rather than get sucked into her family’s ongoing dispute. We are totally digging the breezy, easy-going bohemian vibes in her most recent Instagram photo dump, too. Additionally, we are in need need of ideas for fall party dresses.

The secret to the He’s All That actress’s eye-catching outfits is the inclusion of sassy and elegant transparent pieces. She has been showcasing her Pilates babe body in translucent gowns, see-through jumpsuits, and pure lace catsuits, and it doesn’t appear like she will be slowing down with the practically nude trend any time soon. Because our girl Addie never shies away from the Y2K trends, these absolutely brilliant fashion moments also have enough of the exposed “whale tale” thong and bra style from the 2000s. These two hot (and fashionable) style techniques are combined in her most recent outfit to create the ideal party girl look.

With the amusing ‘gramme carousel captioned “I Love New York,” Addison’s photos show us what she’s been up to in the Big Apple. This photoset perfectly captures her authentic icon behaviour, from clubbing and jumping on tables to visits to museums and pizzerias. And she is, of course, donning an outfit that fits her party girl attitude.

The singer of “Obsessed” flaunted her flirty side while donning Aya Muse’s Elm Dress. The delicate gown, which is made of crochet and fishnet, has slits that reach mid-thigh height on either side to facilitate mobility. To hide her bottom, Addison donned cheeky, high-waisted bikini brief underwear. In terms of jewellery, Rae matched the dress with simple silver hoops, a silver chain bracelet, a Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon small purse, and black suede pumps. Addison pulled her hair back into a high pony and applied the very popular sunburnt blush on her cheeks to complete the look.



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