Ariana Grande Teases her Next ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Single

Ariana Grande is sharing some behind-the-scenes footage as fans impatiently await her upcoming single.

On Saturday (April 27), the 30-year-old pop artist posted black-and-white footage from the early recordings of her Billboard Hot 100 song “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love),” which peaked at No. 1 in mid-March.

The Wicked star posted a behind-the-scenes video of We Can’t Be Friends on Instagram, expressing excitement to share it with fans.

In the video, Grande can be seen “piecing together the first two melody passes, resulting in the bridge you know today” with co-writer and producer Max Martin. Also included is the “first voicenote I texted to [songwriter Ilya Salmanzadeh] after he sent me the original beat,” she noted in the article.

The creator of R.E.M. Beauty said, “this song holds such a special place in my heart and i can’t thank you enough for all of the love you’ve shown (and continue to show) it.”

“We Can’t Be Friends” is Grande’s second single off her seventh album, Eternal Sunshine, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. The lead track from the album, “Yes, And?,” which was released on Republic Records, premiered at the summit in January.

Grande ended her Instagram post by revealing the next tune from Eternal Sunshine.

“I know everyone is anxious and excited for the next single (I’m practically penning this to you while working on …a something…), but I appreciate your patience, enabling wcbf to continue doing her thing. “I promise to make it worth the wait,” she wrote.

Grande’s mother, Joan Grande, came to the comments section to express her support for her daughter. “I enjoy hearing you in the studio…” Pure magic! Pure genius! “What a magnificent song, singer!!” she wrote. Frankie, the singer’s brother, commented, “We know it’ll be worth the wait, and I’m so excited to continue celebrating WCBF!” “It is a triumph!”

Salmanzadeh, who co-wrote “We Can’t Be Friends,” stated that the tape captured “magic in the making.” Such a unique album. We are lucky to know and work with you, my wonderfully smart friend!”

In early April, exactly one month after the release of Eternal Sunshine, Grande uploaded another behind-the-scenes video of herself in the studio, revealing that she is only now beginning to promote the album.

“i cannot wait for everything that has yet to come within this eternal sunshine cycle (that has only just begun & may it never end),” she wrote. “thank you for your love.”

Watch Grande’s “We Can’t Be Friends” behind-the-scenes footage post on Instagram below:


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