Jake Paul Weight Reveal as the Internet Personality ‘Bulks Up’ for Mike Tyson Fight

On July 20, social media boxer Jake Paul will face ‘Iron Mike‘ at Texas’ AT&T Stadium, which has 80,000 seats. The bout between Paul and Tyson, who are over 30 years apart in age, will be broadcast live on Netflix. It is thought that both men want the fight to be sanctioned as a professional combat, despite Tyson’s admission that it will most likely be an exhibition contest.

Paul weighed slightly under 200 pounds during his last two fights, both of which he won by knockout, but according to his trainer Shane Mosley, he has suddenly gained significant weight. The boxing veteran thinks Paul is just as fast at his new weight as he was when he fought 50 pounds less.

“I just saw Jake yesterday, he’s 230 pounds,” Mosley remarked on his YouTube channel. “He’s very huge. He stated that he feels as fast as he did at 185 pounds, and he is still young. He appeared to be at ease with his weight, so I know Mike Tyson will have to battle close. He likes to bob, weave, and get near.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson

Tyson’s last professional bout was nearly two decades ago, when he retired on his stool after five rounds against journeyman Kevin McBridge. The 57-year-old fought Roy Jones Jr. for eight rounds in an unscored exhibition battle four years ago, and Jones has warned Paul not to mess with ‘Iron Mike’.

“Jake is not going to fight in close and Jake can’t stay away from him because Mike is going to close the gap real quick. I thought I could stay away from him and I couldn’t stay away from him, I know that I’m better at staying away from people than Jake is. That’s why Jake put the weight on,” he said.

“He knows he isn’t going to be able to stay away from him, he is hoping that a bit of muscle will push him backwards and keep him off him. [Mike] is getting big enough to try and tie him up when he gets close and push him back right away. Jake doesn’t fight as well as going backwards as he does coming forward.”



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