Doja Cat Attacks ‘Kittenz’ Fans, Loses 237K Instagram Followers

Doja Cat is feuding with her Kittenz once more. The “Kiss Me More” singer reportedly went on a Threads binge over the weekend, slamming members of her feline fan club for using her “government name” as their screen names.

According to Crowdtangle, a social media analysis company, it may have already cost her a lot of money. According to data provided to Billboard by the Meta-owned company, Doja lost 237,758 Instagram followers following her string of since-deleted Threads blasting her fans this weekend, bringing the total number of lost followers to nearly 300,000 in the last 30 days; at press time, she still had a healthy 25.7 million Instagram followers.

Furthermore, Crowdtangle reported that searches for the rapper’s name increased by 82% following a series of posts in which Doja reportedly chastised her fans for calling themselves “kittenz,” telling them to “get a job”; as a number of followers pointed out, Doja is the one who chose the Kittenz name for her fandom in a 2020 Twitter poll.

Doja Cat

According to CNN, Doja appeared irritated that fans were calling her by her given name, Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, telling one Kittenz, “You making my government name your sn [screenname] is creepy as f—k,” which was reportedly followed by a message to fans to delete their social media accounts if they continued to use her birth name; Billboard was unable to confirm this at press time.

Kittenz, according to the star, was invented by a “alcoholic teen,” and “my fans don’t get to name themselves s-t.” That scathing remark was followed by an even harsher attack on her followers, in which she allegedly said, “If you call yourself a ‘Kitten’ or f-king ‘Kittenz,’ that means you need to get off your phone, get a job, and help your parents with the house.”

One fan reminded the 27-year-old singer, who dressed up as a cat for this year’s Met Gala, that her fans were “??? Using only the name YOU gave your fans.” “Doja being mean to her fans for the word kitten like her name isn’t doja CAT,” another joked.

The singer, who has had a tumultuous relationship with the music industry, recently told V Magazine that one of the reasons it’s taken her so long to follow-up her hit 2021 album Planet Her is that she is tired of making music that is “palatable, marketable, and sellable,” admitting that she’s “thrown fits my whole career” because the music she’s made didn’t allow her to have “mental release.”

In May of this year, she appeared to mock Kittenz fans of the Planet Her and Hot Pink albums from 2021 and 2019, calling them “cash grabs” with “mediocre pop” and taunting, “yall fell for it.”



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