Ice Spice Receives Backlash After Featuring a ‘Twerking 16-Year-Old’ in her Latest Video

Ice Spice has received backlash for her new music video for ‘Deli,’ which features a 16-year-old TikTok twerking.

The track is from the deluxe edition of the 23-year-old’s debut album, Like…? The music video is set inside a bodega, where the rapper can be seen with bundles of dollar bills.

Ice Spice can also be seen twerking alongside her group in the video, but one underage member in particular has caused controversy.

Aya Tanjali, a 16-year-old TikTok star with over 6.6 million followers, appeared in the video twerking on top of a counter, much to the chagrin of viewers who took to social media to criticise Tanjali’s inclusion.

“There’s no way no one told her having a minor twerking in your music video is a terrible idea,” one person said.

“Having a 16-year-old twerking in your video is just nasty,” said another.

Another person commented, “Putting a sixteen-year-old girl twerking on her hands and knees in a music video was definitely a choice.”

Ice Spice

“Oh that community note…,” a fourth person commented.

Ice Spice shared a clip of the music video on Twitter, which included Tanjai, but the social media platform has added one of its “Community Notes,” which mentioned the young TikToker.

“Viewers should be aware that this video contains a minor dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which may violate state and federal laws,” the warning stated.

“One of the dancers in this video is 16 years old, which Ice Spice is probably aware of because the two follow each other on Instagram.”


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