Lil Baby Demands 6-Figure Interview Fee from ‘FIT CHECK’

Lil Baby wasn’t interested in doing a fitness test on social media unless it meant making him six figures richer.

On Sunday (November 19), the 4PF rapper was approached by an interviewer in Las Vegas, who sought to have a talk about everything the artist was interested in. Unfortunately, the potential interlocutor did not make it very far.

“He needs to pay me $200,000 to interview me,” Baby said to the camera, as the interviewer continued to try to get him to speak. At one point, the interviewer even joked, “I got you.” We’ll use PayPal.”

However, it didn’t get much further than that.

You may watch the amusing video below.

On the music front, French Montana recently claimed that he and Lil Baby are working on a “monster” smash.

“What the streets have been waiting for,” he said last month on Instagram. “MONTANA x lil BABY just cooked up a monster #comingsoon Cb | 4pf.”

And French isn’t the only rapper that has recently praised Lil Baby. T.I. praised the Atlanta native for his contributions to modern trap music back in August.

“A lot of people moving the genre,” stated Grand Hustle’s leader. “Not even by embodying identical attributes to mine. “I believe it’s much more conversational now.”

“Just a lot of key facts about details and authenticity,” the 4PF rapper explained. “Where you’re speaking about things that you know that only a person who knows could articulate it.”

In an interview with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast from prison last month, Pooh Shiesty hailed Lil Baby, along with Lil Durk and Don Trip, for keeping him in check while he’s been locked up.

“Rappers, for sure,” he said. “You got motherfuckers sitting down and taking time to write, you know?” Durk, Lil Baby, and other good men don’t miss a beat. Are you familiar with Don Trip? He only recently wrote me a letter. I just received a letter from him. There’s a lot of artists that keep my name alive in many different ways.”



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