Selena Gomez’s curveball heels are a distraction on the court

It would not be entirely speculative to say that Selena Gomez’s metallic heel contributed to the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Miami Heat last night. It’s 2024, and many basketball players enjoy a fancy shoe, so I think seeing those Acne Studios boots courtside distracted several members of the team… not to mention Benny Blanco’s floral-printed puffer jacket.

To avoid inciting the wrath of the Selenators, who have already thrown their pitchforks at me for saying once that she dressed like a CEO, which I meant as a compliment, I feel compelled to state that this is a joke.

I don’t believe Selena Gomez’s presence influenced the outcome of last night’s game; nevertheless, as a fashion writer, I believe I would have been more interested in her attire than the game itself: those boots, perhaps, but also the £700 Rony Kobo coat and the £9.99 parachute pants.

Of course, sitting courtside at a major sporting event allows famous individuals to see and be seen (and occasionally luxuriate in their power couple status), so dress is always a factor. And the NBA’s aesthetic obligations – the MTV of sports – are pleasingly liberal. It explains why celebrities like Kim Kardashian will make public declarations like “I Love Nerds” and “I own the most expensive Birkin in the world” while there.


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