Amanda Seyfried Asks Lindsay Lohan If a ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel Will Ever Happen

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried had a Mean Girls reunion and are wondering if there will ever be a Mean Girls sequel to the original film.

During an interview with Interview magazine, Seyfried expressed doubt that a sequel to the 2004 comedy would ever be made.

“I would kill just to do one week on Mean Girls on Broadway, all of us playing our own roles,” Seyfried said of her role in the musical. “Because Mean Girls 2 will never happen, is it?”

Lohan replied, “I don’t know. I heard something about it being a movie musical and I was like, ‘Oh no.’ We can’t do that. It has to be the same tone.”

“Yeah,” the Veronica Mars star replied. It would simply be entirely different.”

Tina Fey’s film Mean Girls is based on Rosalind Wiseman’s novel “Queen Bees and Wannabes.” Lohan, Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Rachel McAdams starred in the comedy.

“Anyway, Tina is busy,” Seyfried said of making a sequel. “She’ll get to it eventually.” Listen, whether we like it or not, we’re all in each other’s worlds, and it’s really nice to communicate as adults.”

“Yeah, everyone’s still the same,” Lohan added. It’s exciting to have memories that we can’t share with anyone else.”

Although the stars have spoken about making Mean Girls 2, the title already exists. A television film was produced for ABC Family in 2011 as a sequel to Mean Girls, but the film makes no reference to the events of the original. The presence of Tim Meadows as Principle Ron Duvall and “The Plastics” clique is the only link between the two works.

Due to the Covid pandemic, a Broadway musical was produced in 2018 and closed down in 2020. It was confirmed in 2021 that a film adaptation of the musical was in the works, with Arturo Perez Jr. and Samantha Jayne set to direct.



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