Bryce Hall Mocks Chase Hudson in a TikTok Fued

After his latest TikTok upload, fans are wondering if Bryce Hall is resurrecting his old feud with Chase Hudson.

Bryce Hall was a key member of the Sway House, a group of male influencers who all lived together under one roof, for those who were unaware. Although the group is no longer active, it was an important part of Hall’s career and his current friend group.

Sway House had a famous feud with Hype House, another popular TikTok group, in 2020, following Charli D’Amelio’s divorce from Chase Hudson. Charli and Chase were both members of the Hype House, but the two influencers have since left the organisation.

Most notably, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards wrote a song mocking Hudson after he was accused of cheating on Charli with Nessa Barrett (who was reportedly seeing the Sway House’s Josh Richards at the time).

The song, titled ‘Still Softish,’ is still remembered in the TikTok community… And, if Hall’s recent social media posts are any indication, this legendary feud may be making a comeback.

In a shocking TikTok feud, Bryce Hall attacks Chase Hudson.
On March 2, Hall shared a TikTok video of himself, Josh Richards, and Anthony Reeves lip-syncing to Hudson’s “All The Things I Hate About You.” This song is notable because many fans believed Hudson was referring to his ex-girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio, for moving on with one of his former friends, Landon Barker.

Not only that, but Hall changed his profile picture to a photo of Chase with a bunch of heart emojis, implying that something is going on between Huddy and the Sway boys.

Bryce Hall, Chase Hudson and Tayler Holder

Nothing has been confirmed thus far by Hall, Richards, or Hudson… But Hudson isn’t the first celebrity to be dragged into a feud by another.

Landon Barker, Charli’s current boyfriend, has been criticising her ex-boyfriend for some time now, and even agreed to collaborate on a diss track about him with Josh Richards last year.



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