Josh Richards Blasts Charli D’Amelio for Spreading Rumours about Landon Barker Cheating

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s second most-followed content creator, having lost her throne to Khaby Lame in June after two years as the platform’s number one influencer.

With over 149 million fans on the app, it’s no surprise that viewers are interested in Charli’s love life… and it appears that her current relationship status is causing quite a stir.

In July 2022, Charli began dating Landon Barker, the son of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. In December, the couple had just celebrated their 5-month anniversary when things began to fall apart.

Fans became concerned after Charli was photographed standing close to an unknown man, later identified as Alex Novian, in several paparazzi photos, both of whom were looking at her phone.

Viewers appeared to believe that these two were getting too close for comfort, but Charli responded to the rumours with a pointed statement on popular Instagram tea page ‘TeaTokTalk’: “Calm down, I’m just standing next to someone.”

The rumour mill was sparked once more when another photo surfaced, showing the mysterious guy wrapping his arm around Charli’s waist and leaning into him as the two sat down for a Snapchat photo.

During a recent episode of the BFFs Podcast, fellow TikTok star Josh Richards expressed some strong feelings toward Charli, calling their photos “pretty touchy” and saying he wouldn’t approve of it if he were in a relationship.

Josh Richards slams Charli D’Amelio’s “touchy” photos with an unknown man.
“I saw a couple of other photos of them together and thought, damn. “That’s a sensitive subject,” Richards said.

“That’s a personal touch,” said co-host Brianna Chickenfry. “That isn’t just a friendly gesture.”

“I’m a little weirded out if I saw that and my girl just randomly has a picture of her and a dude like that, [and] I don’t know the dude or something,” Richards added.

Not only that, but Landon has unpinned all of his TikToks with Charli, leading fans to believe that their relationship is in trouble as a result of Charli’s viral photoshoot. Despite the ongoing drama, the two recently attended an event together.

For the time being, neither party has made any further statements about the situation, leaving fans to wonder what exactly is going on in TikTok’s most prominent influencer relationship.


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