Noah Beck Responds to Dixie D’Amelio Breakup Rumors

To the surprise of their devoted followers, TikTokers Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck first began dating in 2020.

Since they started dating, however, the couple has been the target of several breakup rumours, with fans and viewers frequently speculating due to the couple’s apparent lack of shared social media activity.

In August, Brianna Chickenfry was forced to refute a story that Noah had been “all over” her at Bryce Hall’s birthday celebration by claiming that neither of them had ever been there.

It appears that supporters of the couple need not fret as Noah addressed the most recent allegations that he and Dixie are no longer together in an interview with The Hollywood Fix.

He declared, “We’re off the internet.” “We love one other, but we’ve just recognised that our relationship is better when it’s not really on display for the world to see.”

Dixie and Noah have previously given reasons for wanting to keep their relationship private. In June, Dixie said that keeping their relationship private was “so much healthier for both of our mental health” and that their relationship had improved. Simply put, it’s more enjoyable when you’re not thinking, “Oh my god, wait.” People are claiming that we hate each other since we didn’t do this or whatever, so you need to like my photo right away.

The fan-favorite duo is still going strong behind the scenes, despite the fact that there will almost surely be more rumours about them in the future.


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