Oxford Invites Bhad Bhabie for Speech

Bhad Bhabie has already shown that she is serious about her work, and she has been asked to share some knowledge at Oxford University.

The Oxford Union, possibly the most distinguished debate organisation on Earth, has asked Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli, to address its pupils.

In his invitation to BB, the Oxford Union President stated: “It would be an honour to welcome you to continue this excellent tradition.”

As you are aware, BB became famous after appearing on a Dr. Phil segment on disturbed kids and becoming viral. Since then, she has completely turned around, transforming her dubious reputation into money through a rap career, brand endorsements, and a VERY lucrative OnlyFans profession that has made her $50 million!

Interestingly enough, she partnered with the Educapital Foundation last month to establish a $1.7M scholarship to support 1,000 students’ enrollment in technical and trade schools.

The planned speech by BB is scheduled to take place in November, and it will be broadcast live on YouTube.

From OnlyFans to Oxford … how ’bout that!!


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