50 Cent Makes Light of 10-Year-Old Son’s $10,000 Apple Cash Request

In an Instagram post, 50 Cent revealed that his 10-year-old son Sire sent him a $10,000 Apple Cash request.

“I just received this from my son SIRE,” he wrote alongside a screenshot of the $10,000 Apple Cash request. “He’s ten years old; hopefully this is a joke.”

Fif and his then-girlfriend Daphne Joy welcomed their son Sire in 2012. It’s unclear what prompted his son to make such a large request, but he should know by now that Fif doesn’t take being owed money too well.

Sire, his son, made headlines in 2015 when he reportedly earned $700,000 for a modelling contract at the age of two. He’s recently shifted his focus to acting. He will appear in the upcoming horror film Skill House, and 50 Cent announced his involvement in the film last year. “Josh [Stolberg] had Sire working,” he wrote alongside a photo of Sire and the film’s director.

This is not the first time Fif has slammed one of his children on social media. He got into a fight with his 26-year-old son Marquise last year after he claimed the rapper and TV producer hadn’t spent enough time with him. Marquise offered to pay his father $67,000 for 24 hours of his time, which sparked a back-and-forth that has yet to be resolved.


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