A hefty $1 million Bet made by Jake Paul and Rick Ross on Tyreek Hill’s Miami Dolphins

This offseason, the Miami Dolphins made two significant moves. They acquired wide receiver Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs and appointed Mike McDaniel as their head coach.

With a sizable wager, Jake Paul and Rick Ross appear to be betting everything this season on Miami. The presenter of the podcast BS with Jake Paul advises Ross to wager a million dollars on the Dolphins to win Super Bowl 57:

Paul continued, saying:

“Even if I’m not sure about it, you and I could embark on it together.”
Then he suggested that a dice be thrown, and if the number comes up four, the duo put a wager.

Before Ross rolled the dice and got a four, which appeared to confirm that the bet would be made, they both made toasts with their beverages. Before agreeing to a successful wager on the squad, Ross and Paul simultaneously stood to their feet and received applause.

The unanswered question is whether Miami can advance this season, much less win the Super Bowl.


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