A$AP Rocky Says “Sh** Not Funny” In Response To Viral Mosh Pit Moment

A$AP After giving an incredible performance as the festival’s headlining act over the weekend, Rocky was in a prime state. The brand-new father put on a show for his community by playing some of his timeless hits, such as “Grim Freestyle,” “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2),” and the live debut of his single “Sights.” Rocky sang nine songs before ending his act, which was unfortunate for the audience. The Harlem rapper, though, quickly expressed regret and accepted “full responsibility for the events.”

On Sunday night, he tweeted, “I am very devastated right now. “Last night was supposed to mark the transition from my old to new live show! Over the course of MONTHS, I meticulously planned the best event for my followers. Unfortunately, I was unable to realise my vision, and I want to apologise to all of my admirers for that. Festival goers had the opportunity to interact with the star as he plunged into the mosh pit, despite his set ending early.

Rocky first found being in the throng exciting, but things quickly changed as the rapper felt overpowered by the sea of people. Videos of the stressful situation gave rise to numerous memes that ridiculed the “Purple Swag” rapper’s terrified expression.

Rocky responded differently from the online community. He made a comment on a popular photo of himself in the mosh pit, saying that it wasn’t as funny as it appeared to be. He wrote, “That sh** not funny. “Some little little, b, was sucking the life right out of my n**z.” Despite the brief mosh, Rocky’s performance at Rolling Loud left fans anticipating what the A$AP Mob star will be up to next.



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