According to Kanye West, Who is the Head of a Private School, Reading is “like Eating Brussels Sprouts,”

Rapper Kanye West claimed he never reads books and would much rather converse.

West said he is a larger lover of a “nice chat” on Friday’s episode of Alo Yoga’s “Alo Mind Full” podcast.

West admitted that she had not read any books.

For me, reading is similar to eating Brussels sprouts, West continued. Speaking is comparable to receiving the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli,

West was alluding to a well-known spaghetti dish that was offered at the Giorgi Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, where he previously dined with Kim Kardashian, his ex-girlfriend.

West claimed during the show that he only skims long text messages, reading only the first and last phrases. He also lamented the requirement that he speak perfect English in order to be respected.

“The Tower of Babylon is there. You know, in English. The notion that I must talk in proper English stems from the notion that, even though you understand what I’m saying, you won’t respect me unless I do, “explained West.

He compared being told to speak more clearly to being stopped and subjected to a “alcohol test.”

The private school that West created and named after his late mother, Donda Academy, was another topic of discussion. The school offers instruction to children in pre-K through twelfth grade and teaches language arts, math, and science in addition to enrichment classes like “world language, visual art, film, choir, and parkour,” according to its website.

In the podcast interview, West stated that there should be a balance between “conventional curricula” and other types of learning.
We must strike a balance with curriculums that promote confidence, according to West. “Because so many schools and contemporary indoctrinations undermine the self-assurance that these future leaders would possess.”

He made his reading-related remarks a day after Rolling Stone published a story about Donda Academy. It is unknown who teaches at the school and whose children are being sent there, according to two sources who were interviewed by the site. According to the outlet, nondisclosure agreements are requested from families.

Requests for comments from Insider were not immediately answered by representatives of West or the Donda Academy.



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