Kyle Kuzma on His Notorious Pink Sweater, New York Fashion Week, and Wizards Basketball

You’ve probably heard the NBA pregame tunnel compared to a runway at this point. Even though comparing basketball and fashion has become a bit of a cliche and there are probably few parallels between the Oratoire du Louvre and the interior of Capital One Arena, the point is difficult to contest when you observe some of the attention-grabbing outfits worn throughout an 82-game season. And Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma is one of the most talked-about models in the NBA pregame tunnel.

Since beginning his career in 2017, Kuzma has developed a reputation for his daring fashion choices, which have included wearing cargo pants with pockets that reach his ankles and cotton candy blue jackets without an undershirt. The player’s pink Raf Simons knit sweater from last season, which appeared ridiculously enormous even on his 6’9″ stature, may have been the most iconic outfit. He wore it to a home game in November. Social media acted as it always does. Kuzma’s bubblegum pink outfits quickly became memes and went global. A year later, he still hears people talking about it. In the same manner that other players might hang up their own jerseys, he says he’ll soon hang the sweater on his wall.

It’s a work of art. I won’t ever put that back on. Kuzma tells Complex that it’s not really something that you’ll outgrow. It’s unquestionably something that will endure forever.

By this week, Kuzma wasn’t only turning attention with his attire in the NBA venues’ back hallways. On a genuine runway, he was strutting. He participated in Puma’s “Futrograde” runway show on Tuesday night at Cipriani’s Great Hall during New York Fashion Week, the company’s debut under creative director June Ambrose. He wore a black sweatshirt over a sequined black basketball jersey, and a floor-length black skirt constructed from of puffer coats for one of the most memorable looks from the performance.

Kuzma declares, “I think Puma is the greatest lifestyle brand. “We take pleasure in our ability to stay on top of fashion trends. Simply put, I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of it.

We were able to talk with Kuzma about his continued relationship with Puma, his notorious pink sweater, some of his favourite NBA throwback jerseys of all time, and more before Tuesday night’s presentation.


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