Bad Bunny is accused by Logan Paul of avoiding paying taxes in Puerto Rico

Logan Paul recently accused Bad Bunny of dodging taxes by taking use of Puerto Rican tax regulations during an interview on Philip DeFranco’s YouTube show.

Paul, who also owns property in Puerto Rico, made a reference to the documentary Bunny that was made in conjunction with the music video for “El Apagón,” in which journalist Bianca Graulau discusses how Puerto Rico is being gentrified.

Paul stated, “Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican living in Puerto Rico who is quietly utilising the same tax programme that he is openly criticising. “I am aware of this and hurt when I see similar things. Puerto Ricans in the area are aware of this. I’m stranded in the middle of a music video with background noise that makes me appear to be a vulture.

Even though I adore Bad Bunny, I am unable to tolerate his exploitative hypocrisy.

Naturally, Paul himself is also benefiting from Act 22, which has caused an influx of foreigners to Puerto Rico in an effort to avoid paying taxes. This “should result in new local investments in real estate, services, and other consumer products, as well as capital infusions to the Puerto Rico banking sector, all of which will strengthen the economy of Puerto Rico,” according to the 20/22 Act Society.

Paul said, “We’re doing everything we can to help. Additionally, I want to accomplish more. And in all honesty, I ought to be doing more. He invited viewers to remark on what portion of the savings he realised via Act 22 should be given.


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