Emma Stone is booed at the Padres-Mets game

The New York Mets were not impressed with Emma Stone.

According to TMZ, the Oscar winner was spotted at Queens’ Citi Field on Friday for Game 1 of the Mets’ Wild Card series against the San Diego Padres. Stone attended the event with her husband, Dave McCary, a native of San Diego and a die-hard Padres fan.

During the game, the famous couple appeared on the jumbotron wearing San Diego caps and bombers. The crowd, predictably, was not impressed with the Stones’ Padre pride and began booing her. Fortunately, the actress didn’t seem bothered and seemed to take the negative reaction in stride.

Stone can be seen on video looking at the jumbotron camera and smiling from ear to ear before raising her beer in a toast. According to TMZ, she and McCary were also seen “dancing in the front row” during the opening, which makes sense given San Diego’s 7-1 victory over New York.

The Mets and Padres will play Game 2 tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET. It’s unclear whether Stone and McCary will attend.



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