Bryce Hall Reacts to Being Blocked on Twitter by Addison Rae

Bryce Hall has been blocked by Addison Rae.

The social media star wasn’t afraid to mock himself about the blocking on TikTok, sharing a video of himself jokingly crying by the pool paired with Kim Kardashian’s audio, saying: “He had me blocked! What a fking dk!”

The 23-year-old is surrounded by, well, two other Bryces in different outfits pointing and laughing at him at the end of the video. “First L of 2022,” he captioned the Nov. 3 post.

The couple dated for a year before Bryce allegedly cheated on Addison during a trip to Las Vegas in February 2021. The insider told E! News at the time that the pair had been “very busy concentrating on their careers.”

In March, the He’s All That star spoke to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about the inspiration for her hit single “Obsessed,” and referred to a boyfriend as an ex.

“The night I was recording this, I was driving right before the studio, dropping off my ex-boyfriend,” she explained. “At the time, he was my boyfriend. I dropped him off at his residence. ‘I’m obsessed with you,’ he said as he looked at me. And I said, ‘Me too.'”

However, this may not have been a recent block on Addison’s part, as Bryce revealed in an episode of his Tea Talk podcast with Josh Richards in August that he was blocked.

“She just blocked me on everything, like two days ago,” Bryce said, to which Josh replied, “No she didn’t?!”

And it appears that Addison has moved on from her relationship with Bryce, as she is now in a relationship with Israeli guitarist Omer Fedi.



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