Selena Gomez Explains Why She May Never Have Children

Selena Gomez, an American singer, recently revealed that her bipolar disorder may prevent her from becoming pregnant. Ms Gomez opened up about her mental illness experiences after being diagnosed in 2018. She told Rolling Stone that she is tired of making “friends” with her bipolar disorder, despite the effects it has on her hopes of one day becoming a mother.

The 30-year-old recalled visiting a friend who was trying to conceive. She admitted to crying in her car after their visit after learning that the two medications she is taking for her bipolar disorder make it unlikely that she will be able to carry her own children.

According to Rolling Stone, she stated, “That’s a very big, big, present thing in my life.” “However I’m supposed to have them, I’ll have them,” Ms Gomez added.

In addition, the ‘Only Murders in the Building’ star described a “episode of psychosis” she went through in 2018 when she started hearing loud voices. She spent several months in a treatment facility, but she only remembers bits and pieces of it.

Ms Gomez stated that after her diagnosis, she was prescribed a slew of medications that made her feel “gone.” “There was no longer any part of me,” she explained.

She eventually found a psychiatrist, who realised she was on too many medications and took her off all but two. “He was an excellent guide. But I had to detox from the medications I was taking. I had to learn to remember specific words. When we were talking, I would lose track of where I was. It took a lot of effort for me to accept that I was bipolar, but also to learn how to live with it because it wasn’t going away “Ms Gomez told the publication.

Notably, Ms Gomez revealed publicly in 2020 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She admitted at the time that she discovered she was bipolar while visiting a hospital in Boston, US.

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health condition characterised by mood swings, as well as episodes of hyperactivity and depression.



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