DaBaby releases the album “Baby on Baby 2”

It’s DaBaby again.

The Charlotte rapper has made a comeback with Baby on Baby 2, the follow-up to his platinum-selling 2019 debut studio album, after keeping a quieter profile this year. In a July visit on the Full Send podcast, he declared that the project’s release was imminent and confirmed this.

DaBaby said to the Nelk guys, “This is the most attention I’ve devoted to some music before I’ve dumped it.” “I’m going to release it at the start of August. Infant on Infant 2

Baby promoted the Pooh Beatz-produced “Socks” music video on Instagram over two months before the album’s anticipated release date.

The album comes after his albums Blame It on Baby from 2020 and Better Than You, a mixtape he made with YoungBoy Never Broke Again in March 2022. DaBaby made light of a shooting that occurred at his house in order to promote the album. Shortly after shooting a trespasser in his North Carolina home, the rapper is shown in the promo tape attending therapy.

The therapist refers to DaBaby firing fire on a man trespassing on his property back in April and adds, “So, Baby, I think you’re still really traumatised over the shooting that happened at your place that night.” Why would you shoot the man when you had vicious dogs running around your goddamn house, please explain in more detail.

The 14-track album is released more than a year after the rapper received harsh criticism for remarks he made towards homosexuals while performing at Rolling Loud Miami. During his Full Send appearance, he mentioned the scandal and said that shortly after, he lost a Burger King contract.

I’m not sure if I’m meant to say anything about this, but whatever, I don’t care,” he said. “At Burger King, I eat on my own. Many individuals are unaware of that. The Jonathan Kirk Meal was its name. Just before everything came undone, I shot an ad for it. My name is on the package, among other things. But it was never released. When it happened, everything came off.



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