Deji, a YouTube celebrity, is pursuing a professional boxing career following a Floyd Mayweather fight

Deji, a popular YouTuber, calls himself a “serious boxer,” and Global Titans wants to offer him the platform to make it his full-time profession.

The 25-year-old Londoner, whose real name is Oladeji Olatunji, will have the chance to spar in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the all-time greats, on November 13 in Dubai during an eight-round exhibition bout.

Deji’s boxing career got off to a rough start with three losses in his first three fights before he finally recorded his first triumph in August at the O2 Arena against an old foe by way of a decisive finish.

Global Titans, the organisation staging the event against 50-0 great Mayweather, have been impressed by Deji, and CEO Uday Singh is certain they can provide him the resources he needs to develop a career in sports.

Deji, according to Singh, “has a terrific attitude, is very hard-working, and very professional.” He is a serious boxer who wants to turn this into a full-time career, and I met him while he was training in London.

He has a strong desire to pursue it professionally. So, it’s a big deal for him to get this platform. Looking at his admirers and the way he interacts with those around him, we believed he was the ideal choice. He’s looking at actual bouts and actual belts, and we have something significant.

“We are quite pleased with the strides we have made toward this important battle. Floyd and TMT [The Money Team] have been working with us since March of this year, and I think they are quite professional. Floyd is a fantastic guy to work with; he is aware of his obligations, has sound business judgement, and knows how to assist a promoter.

Given the popularity of the sport among millennials and YouTube stars, “He also understands boxing.” Floyd is a terrific representative for that because they are helping to keep this sport alive by acting responsibly.

On November 13 in Dubai, Tommy Fury will also compete; he will be looking to improve his perfect record against Paul Bamba.

It follows the cancellation of two fights against Jake Paul in the previous eight months, with the British fighter being forced to withdraw in December due to a rib injury sustained during training. After lengthy contract negotiations, a fight was once again agreed upon for August at Madison Square Garden; however, after Fury was refused entrance for a flight to New York, the fight was once again postponed.

With a fight against Anderson Silva, a legend in the UFC, on the horizon this weekend, the American found a replacement in Hasim Rahman.

Paul has claimed that Fury and his promoter, Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions, will now be responsible for rescheduling the bout after suffering a financial setback.

Singh wants to talk about solutions with Fury and his group so that there won’t be any more issues.

Of course, we’re talking about it, Singh stated. ‘Tommy is a terrific man; I haven’t seen him yet, but from what I’ve heard about him and his staff, he’s a great guy and easy to work with, so I do wonder what went wrong with the Paul fight and why it was called off. However, it is a subject we will broach with him and his staff in order to make it happen in 2024 alongside us.

We have already had folks approach us about joint ventures and collaborations, Singh continued. There is so much to learn from wonderful men like Matchroom and Frank Warren who have been in the business longer than we have.

We are concentrating on completing the first one [in November] and postponing all further conversations, but once more, Jake Paul’s business, MVP Promotions, wants to collaborate.

We are going to see if there is a way to work with Jake Paul’s business and get them on board as partners. We have certain cards in mind. It is undoubtedly a possibility, and we’ll consider such collaborations in the future.


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