Explained: Kendall Monroe and Nessa Barrett imitation drama

Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae are two of the most well-known creators on TikTok, and each of them have “copycats” who may be exact replicas of the two stars.

Nessa Barrett, a musician and TikToker, is the most recent creator to have influencer Kendall Monroe as her very own “doppelganger.” However, some fans aren’t responding well to Kendall’s message.

Kendall is receiving criticism from viewers on social media for allegedly mimicking Nessa Barrett in egregious ways.
Fans are sure that Kendall is imitating Nessa in every way, including her cosmetics, hair, and clothing choices.

Some users are even comparing their TikTok videos side by side to see how much Nessa’s material seems to have influenced Kendall’s.

Fans also claimed that Kendall had imitated a tattoo that Nessa had acquired with the late TikTok celebrity Cooper Noriega, who passed away in June 2022. The pair each had two butterflies on their left hands, but Kendall, in a very similar pattern, had three.

In the midst of the criticism, Kendall publicly apologised to Nessa, saying that she actually made her TikTok account as a “experiment” to “truly explore how much hate there was in the world of social media.”

She said, “I want to apologise to Nessa because I never meant to make her feel uncomfortable in any manner during the past few of months.” I never wanted to be Nessa, and I’m not infatuated with her.


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