AnEsonGib settles his dispute with Tayler Holder after winning a fight

Following their fight on the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event in the summer of 2021, AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder developed a resentment toward one another.

At the contest, Team TikTok was soundly defeated, but the match between Gib and Holder caused some controversy among spectators.

After the incident garnered a lot of negative feedback online, the International Sport Karate Association revised the match’s initial result from a draw to a victory for Gib (and even prompted Gib to seek a second opinion from the commission).

Holder, who referred to Gib as a “crap fighter” and demanded that he “run me a contract and my money or shut the f**k up because you are wasting my time,” was unable to accept the result.

AnEsonGib’s previous boxing match against Austin McBroom, which he won in the fifth round to deafening applause, appears to have caused things to alter, though.

This is a significant victory for the YouTuber (and even led to a potential rematch with Jake Paul) and has, it seems, led to some peace on Tayler Holder’s part.

AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder embrace to put a stop to the YouTubers vs. TikTokers feud.
As seen in a video posted on social media in which the two influencer-boxers hugged it out, the two have now made up.
The video appears to have been shot before Gibs and McBroom’s weigh-in on Friday, September 9. Holder, who had previously been hostile toward the British creator, exhibited some curiosity about the timing of his weigh-in and indicated his support for him.

It appears that these two are once again amicable for the time being. Bryce Hall, who continues to compete for a match with Holder on one very specific condition, is one individual who is unquestionably not on Tayler’s good side.


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