Harry Potter’s Body Double Discloses Classic Scenes Didn’t Actually feature Emma Watson

It may surprise you that some of the most iconic scenes in the Harry Potter film franchise did not feature any of the beloved cast members.

Flick Miles, now 31, was the lucky body double for Emma Watson‘s Hermione Granger in the first three Harry Potter films.

Flick took to Reddit’s public forum last year to share her experience on the set of one of the most successful film series of all time.

“I am Flick Miles,” she began the post. In the Harry Potter films, I was Hermione Granger’s body double. You can ask me anything!”

Flick is now the host of the podcast Behind The Wand: Stories From The Harry Potter Films.

She explained, under the username MuggleNet, “I tell stories about my time working on the films and talking with some of the most influential people about the untold stories and amazing memories of what it was like bringing Harry Potter to life.”

Flick detailed how she landed such an incredible role while sharing her experience about the incredible opportunity to work with an all-star cast.

Emma Watson on Red Carpet

“I was super lucky with how I got the job as Hermione’s double,” she wrote. I went to a drama class after school in a church hall – it was pretty low-key – and the woman who ran the class also worked for an agency.

“She asked my mother if she could take some pictures of me, so she did, and a few weeks later, the audition for Hermione’s double came up.”

“I think although I don’t look much like Emma now, we were the same height, build, hair colour, and face shape at the time.”

“When I auditioned, I basically had to stand next to Emma and then [director of the first two films] Chris Columbus and [series producer] David Heyman looked at us through the camera lens,” Flick continued.

“They then had me stand with Dan [Radcliffe] and Rupert [Grint] to see how I stacked up against them.” They seemed content, so I agreed to work for 12 weeks – which turned out to be about 4 years!”

Potterheads took to the platform after she revealed her previous work and revealed that she was behind the scenes of the iconic film series to ask their burning questions.

When asked if there were any scenes that fans would be surprised to learn didn’t feature Emma, Flick mentioned one in particular.

Emma Watson from Harry Potter

“When Hermione is turned into a cat after pulling a cat hair off Millicent Bullstrode’s robes – that was actually me!” she revealed, referring to the scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in which Hermoine is transformed into a half-cat half-human due to a Polyjuice Potion incident.

This was due to a skin reaction that forced Emma to withdraw from the scene.

“Emma had an allergic reaction to the glue used for the make-up, so I stepped in,” Flick explained. When Nick Dudman’s team created a model of Hermione for the scene where she is terrified by the Basilisk, they took a cast of my body.

“It was very similar to when you break your arm and have a plaster cast, they basically covered my whole body in that.”

Furthermore, many fans will recall the fantastic scene in which Draco Malfoy finally receives a well-deserved punch in the face, and it turns out that Flick was the lucky one to throw the fist.

“I actually did ‘punch’ Tom [Felton] because one of the shots was over the shoulder, that was a fun scene to film in Scotland!” Flick wrote. I’m not sure if my take made it into the film because I didn’t punch him hard enough!”

Influncd Staff

INFLUNCD is a media brand mainly focused on Hollywood cultures incl. Music, Business, Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, News and more.


Influncd Staff

INFLUNCD is a media brand mainly focused on Hollywood cultures incl. Music, Business, Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, News and more.

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