Jack Harlow astounds the MTV Video Music Awards

On August 28, rapper Jack Harlow stunned the audience with his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. The rapper performed his smash hit song “First Class” while entering the stage in a faux aeroplane. This song was sampled in Fergie’s “Glamourous.”

In a silver outfit with the words “First Class” emblazoned over it in red letters, Jack Harlow joined Fergie on stage. At the ceremony, “First Class” was also recognised as the summer’s top song. while conveying his sentiments towards the song.

Jack Harlow was also invited to the stage to accept the prize for his involvement as a guest artist on Lil Nas X’s song “Industry Baby.” The song took up the award for best teamwork. It’s interesting to note that Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X matched for the same number of nominations during the ceremony. There were seven categories in which each singer was nominated. The joint effort’s resultant song has likewise reached the top of various charts.

At the award night, Nicki Minaj also had a stunning performance. On “Roman’s Revenge,” “Moments 4 Life,” “Chun-Li,” “Super Bass,” and “Anaconda,” she provided vocals. At the event, Minaj took home the Video Vanguard Award. Michael Jackson, a legendary musician, gets honoured with this award.

Minaj paid tribute to musicians including Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Whitney Houston, and Kanye West when accepting her honour. She also talked on the significance of mental wellness.

The unexpected appearance of Johnny Depp at the awards ceremony was also a blessing. The actor descended from the stage’s ceiling dressed as an astronaut. At the MTV Video Music Awards, Snoop Dogg and Eminem both had performances.


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