Jake Paul and Conor McGregor React to Paddy Pimblett’s Contentious UFC Victory

Conor McGregor praised Paddy Pimblett after his recent UFC victory over Jared Gordon, while Jake Paul disagreed.

Pimblett won his fourth consecutive UFC fight this weekend, narrowly defeating Jared Gordon at UFC 282 in Las Vegas. The victory elicited mixed reactions, with many claiming that the Liverpudlian had lost the fight and was wrongfully awarded the decision.

Despite landing more significant strikes, Pimblett’s opponent landed three takedowns and had total control of the fight for six minutes. Despite the fact that many UFC fans questioned Pimblett’s credentials, McGregor defended him on social media, writing on Twitter: “Congrats Paddy The Baddy this weekend. Despite doing everything right, what you’d think. Great stuff. Onward.”

Jake Paul

McGregor has been a long-time supporter of Pimblett, even covering his bar tab when the Liverpool player visited his counterpart’s Dublin pub, ‘The Black Forge Inn.’ Meanwhile, YouTube star Paul expressed his displeasure, writing: “Being a UFC fighter, with zero rights and no control, is amazing if you are one of Dana White’s favourites.”

“You can even do a free food review to increase his views. What a competition. You are all deserving of better.” Later, Paul retweeted a tweet from Pimblett’s rival Gordon, which read: “I was robbed, everyone knows it.” I can cry about it, but I’ve been through worse, and God’s plan is the best plan, so I know there’s something better out there.

Despite the controversy, Pimblett was overjoyed with his victory and is now planning a continued rise at 155lb, with many predicting he will soon need to fight opponents in the top fifteen of the rankings. He has drawn comparisons to McGregor throughout his career, but he will face a significant challenge with the Irishman rising to become a two-weight champion.

Despite many people voting for Gordon, Pimblett claims he won all three rounds of the competition and has launched an X-rated tirade against his detractors. “I know I won that fight,” he said after the final bell. I deal with facts, and I won a unanimous decision; it wasn’t even close.

“I don’t give a damn what anyone says. I’ve got a green marker next to my name in the history books so everyone else can suck my a***hole. Look at his face and then at mine; fights are now scored on damage, and I landed a lot more of it.

“After reviewing the stats after the fight, I believe I won all three rounds.” Damage is what matters, not control time. When I approached him in the back, he said, ‘I thought I’d win.’ I told him he was a tough b****’s son because he took some big shots and kept walking.”



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