Jake Paul replies to Nate Diaz choking out Tony Ferguson in the final UFC match

As a result of Jake Paul’s submission of Tony Ferguson at UFC 279, Nate Diaz has been offered a fight.

In the fourth round of their bout, Diaz, 37, stunned the UFC by guillotine-choking Ferguson to terminate his 15-year run in the organisation. Khamzat Chimaev was supposed to fight in the main event against Diaz, however Chimaev missed weight by 7.5 pounds and had to be rescheduled to fight Kevin Holland instead.

As the fourth round began, the action between Diaz and Ferguson was well matched, with Ferguson kicking Diaz’s legs while the Stockton native was connecting with his fists. Diaz, who has been associated with a confrontation with Paul, made a move.

After Diaz defeated Ferguson, Paul called him a “legend” and asserted that if the bout hadn’t been called off, Diaz would have defeated Chimaev. He wrote, “Nate Diaz is a muthuf****n legend and would have smacked Khamzat.” The YouTube celebrity then posted a video of himself saying, “Nate Diaz is going into the sport of boxing, I wonder who he should fight,” in which he hinted at a bout with Diaz.

Dana White, the head of the UFC, said he was tired of talking about Paul’s boxing history and that he “doesn’t care” about his forthcoming match versus Anderson Silva. White’s remarks were parodied by Paul in a subsequent tweet, which he followed with: “UFC PR Team to media attending post fight presser: DO NOT ASK our boss Dana about Jake Paul or Anderson Silva.

Diaz is a UFC fighter, thus despite Paul’s several offers to fight him, he has previously been unable to do so. According to White, Diaz has assured him he won’t fight Paul, saying, “I would never do that,” according to Yahoo Sports. I heard him tell me that. “That s**goofy,” *’s he said. I’m not sure. I heard him say it to me. When questioned about a potential altercation with Paul, Diaz said he is “interested in everything,” which was in direct opposition to White’s remarks.

Paul started a career in boxing after giving up his YouTube popularity, and despite having participated in only five professional fights, he is already one of the sport’s most well-known figures. The 25-year-most old’s recent victories include one over former contender Ben Askren and two against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.


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