Jake Paul speaks out after being sued for $100 million by Eddie Hearn

After promoter Eddie Hearn sued him for $100 million in a defamation case, Jake Paul boasted about being undefeated in court.

Earlier this year, Paul accused Hearn of paying a judge to score fights in favour of Hearn’s fighters. Hearn denied the allegations and later sued the YouTube star, claiming he “made outrageously false and baseless claims.”

‘The Problem Child’ has now stated that he is unconcerned about the case and is solely focused on his upcoming fight on October 29 against Anderson Silva. “I’m not even thinking about it because I have this fight on October 29 and my lawyers are dealing with that, so I haven’t even thought about it,” he told MMAJunkie.

“I don’t care because I’m constantly sued for stupid s***; I’m 5-0 in court and 5-0 in the ring. I have all the time and money in the world, so I’m only concerned with October 29.”

Hearn hinted at legal action before revealing she had filed one. “We’re not fans of court cases; we gave him the opportunity to apologise and he refused,” he told iFL TV. “We’ve filed a lawsuit, and he must defend it.

“We take this very seriously because he has accused us of corruption, committing a crime, and paying a judge. It’s the most illogical statement anyone has ever made, and it’s extremely damaging to our company.

“We’ll play it out, and our legal team will handle it. He’s naive and stubborn, and he doesn’t always think. This is our life, our business, and the sport we enjoy. We don’t let people like Jake Paul come out and make comments like that without dealing with it, and this is how we’ve decided to deal with it.”

When Paul and Hearn co-promoted Taylor and Serrano’s undisputed fight, they were on good terms, but their relationship soured when Paul was offended by comments made by the Matchroom boss about him being a “average boxer.”


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