Jennifer Lopez on spilled wedding video of her singing to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has tended to a viral video from her and Ben Affleck’s Georgia wedding where she was seen entertaining her new spouse with a tune. On Friday, August 26, a recording started circling via web-based entertainment of JLo playing out an apparently new and unreleased melody to spouse Ben Affleck during their rich wedding held at Affleck’s Georgia home.

After a fan account re-shared the recording on Instagram, Lopez remarked on the post that the video was “taken without our assent.” Addressing the spilled video, she expressed, “This was taken without consent. Whoever did it exploited our confidential second. I don’t have any idea where all of you are getting it from on the grounds that we had NDAs and asked everybody not to share anything from our wedding. That is our decision to share.”

Lopez further likewise referenced, “Anything I put out private is OnThe JLo and it’s to impart to my fans, which I will do when I am prepared to. This was taken without our assent and sold for cash”, vis Just Jared. Already as well, Jennifer had shared every one of the subtleties of her Vegas wedding in her bulletin On the JLo and seems as though she will be sharing more from her Georgia wedding on equivalent to well.

Following their offhand wedding in Vegas, Lopez shared photographs as well as a definite post about how the couple chose to get hitched. She likewise uncovered insights regarding her wedding dress which turned out to be an old one from a film. With respect to her Georgia wedding, JLo wore a custom Ralph Lauren outfit.


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