Julianne Moore Proves That It Is Possible To Wear A Sparkly Cape In Your Sixties

Moore’s Valentino cape deserves special note during last night’s extravagant sequin-draped opening ceremony. Her transparent tulle dress and superhero overlay sparkled even more brilliantly with a scattering of Cartier jewellery. The colourful paillettes on the star looked like fireworks. The point? This kind of fashion fantasy has no expiration date. No of your age, you can sport a sparkling cape. also plainly visible black underwear.

Julianne Moore, who swears by chlorophyll and keeping her face flexible, of course defied her 61 years. Kate Young, the actor’s new stylist, is a master of these seductively translucent outfits that manage to look demure despite all the pouring ornamentation. Recall Dakota Johnson’s catsuit at the Met Gala by Gucci? Kate did that work. What did pregnant Jennifer Lawrence wear for the red carpet at the Dior show? Yes, Young as well. Following Julianne’s memorable experience in Venice, we predict that more A-listers will contact the influential figure.

It’s intriguing that Moore has switched from Leslie Fremar to Young after years of collaboration. Kate’s clients are in the unapologetically feminine fashion camp, whereas the former is recognised for her pretty-tough style (think: Jennifer Connelly and Charlize Theron) (check out her work with Sienna Miller and Selena Gomez). What will Moore do next? We’ll see her busting out of her typical Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton-shaped box and accelerating into her mid-sixties in agenda-setting pieces if her trajectory under Young so far is any indication — all explosive Alaa polka dots and huge Celine suiting. Let’s go for it.


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