Katy Perry Responds after being Replaced by an A-List Singer on American Idol

Fans of the reality singing competition American Idol appear to have gotten their wish for a new judge.

It was recently announced that a Grammy-winning rock legend would temporarily replace current pop star Idol judge Katy Perry.

During Monday’s episode of Idol, country star judge Luke Bryan, 46, teased that “big names” would be appearing on the show, but he didn’t reveal who.

Soon after Luke’s on-air admission, Deadline reported that Alanis Morissette, 48, would be filling in for Katy, 38, while she was away.

Since the remaining finalists are set to perform duets of his hit songs, Ed Sheeran, 32, would also appear.

While Ed and Alanis are holding down the fort at Idol for the upcoming Sunday show, Katy and Lionel Richie, 73, will be performing at King Charles III’s coronation in London.

Katy Perry

The You Oughta Know singer will be a mentor as well as a judge.

Alanis and the Perfect singer will both take the stage for a song, with the British crooner releasing a new single.

When asked about Ed and Alanis taking on their respective roles on Idol, the Hot N Cold songstress had a lot to say.

“I loved the reaction from the contestants,” Katy told the news source.

“I idolise Alanis, and Jagged Little Pill [Alanis’ award-winning breakout album] is the reason I do music.”

“Ed Sheeran is the best producer, writer, artist, and life-liver,” she added. I’m really looking forward to seeing his documentary because I know he’s been through a lot.

“These are two people who always stay true to themselves and are real, so I think it’s awesome to have them as judges.”

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Katy’s departure will most likely be welcomed by Idol fans, as many have been slamming her online and calling for her dismissal.

She came under fire for her treatment of the show’s contestants, prompting fans to demand that ABC executives fire her.

Katy was accused earlier this season of being rude to Top 12 contestant Wé Ani after Wé was chosen last and did not receive feedback on her performance from Katy.

Viewers accused Katy of being “unprofessional” and “doing Wé dirty” by appearing shocked after making it to the top 12.

“Katy was hands down rude from the face she made (that at first I read as disbelief over Wé’s incredible performance), to go on and on about voting for your favourite contestant,” one wrote in an online thread. It was completely unprofessional.”

Katy Perry

“Wé was treated rudely,” said another. Instead of providing feedback after her performance, Katy reminds everyone how important it is to vote.

“Um. Hello. Could you please give this poor girl some feedback first? Katy’s remark sounded as if she were saying, “Jeez, America, why did you vote this girl through?” Unprofessional and unjust.”

“I totally had the same interpretation as you,” said a third. I adore Wé and thought the judges, particularly Katy, treated her unfairly. Her expression said it all: “WTF?”

“Did anyone else think Katy was rude to Wé Ani last night?” another fan asked. She appeared surprised that she had been chosen.”



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