Lil Baby and Axe Team Up For ‘Shonen Baby’ Manga

The video for “Go Hard” by Lil Baby was released last week. Baby raps in the song, “Need a Nike deal how I’m runnin’ sh*t,” but he should be perfectly content with his ongoing Axe partnership.

Axe and Baby announced earlier this week that they have collaborated on a new manga, Shonen Baby, which will be released on July 11.

Lil Baby

The collaboration, according to ComicBook, is meant to commemorate Axe’s “new Fine Fragrance Collection at Walmart.” To gain access to the manga, fans must purchase an Axe product from the Walmart collection, which will be officially available for download “during an exclusive invite-only virtual launch event” this summer.

“Produced by Passion Pictures with artist Future Power Station and Lil Baby in tow, Shonen Baby is teased as a manga that taps into the aspects of Shonen action manga releases,” the report continues. Shonen Baby follows Lil Baby and AXE as they embark on a one-of-a-kind journey to save Atlanta from the evil Culture Vultures out to drain the city of its juice, all while discovering their inner G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time).’Lil Baby will also use special abilities for the manga.”

If anyone is qualified to save Atlanta, it is Baby, who has already been designated as a city holiday.

Axe’s official website has started a countdown clock to the Shonen Baby release and outlined all of the required steps: Purchase any qualifying Axe product through Walmart before May 31, upload proof of receipt by June 15, and you’ll be able to “unlock the Ll Baby experience.”

Axe has previously served as a vehicle for Baby to express his love for anime. According to Revolt, Axe and Baby created “three animated digital episodes” in September to “give people an inside look into some of [Lil Baby’s] most distinct memories associated with Axe scents.”

“I’ve always been a big fan of anime,” Baby said at the time, “so having Axe turn some of my intimate memories and thoughts into an animated mini-series is kind of surreal.”

Watch the Shonen Baby teaser above.


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