Madison Beer Discusses How Billie Eilish Has Influenced Her

The musician has discussed speaking out after not being given co-production credit for her efforts on the music video for her song “Baby.”

Even if I have to shout to be heard, she asserted, “I am heard and that is enough.” “I am aware of my worth, my accomplishments, and the recognition that is due to me. That’s another instance of misogyny in the field, in my opinion.

Beer continued, “I believe that women frequently lose their credibility and are undercut for their intelligence and their capacity to carry out tasks in the same manner as males. It’s vital for people to see a woman’s name in those titles so they can realise you really can achieve the same thing, therefore I will always fight for the producing credit, the directing credit, or whatever I did on tour.

Beer gave the examples of her brother Finneas and Eilish when asked who individuals in the business she thought were doing a wonderful job of bringing about change for artists.

Billie Eilish immediately springs to mind, she added, “because I believe the issues she touches on in her song are so prolific.” We’ve all been taught to be fearful of speaking about certain topics, thus she speaks about things that many other artists don’t and may be afraid to.

Beer continued, “I genuinely look up to her and Finneas and I really admire what she and Finneas have created. Because there are others who aren’t the greatest and don’t stand for the right things, and I believe [they actually do], they are two people I am really happy to see at the top.

The singer also cited Eilish’s song “Your Power” as an illustration of how to use your voice in the business, citing the song’s themes of power abuse and gaslighting.

A difficult song to compose, “Your Power,” and Beer believes that the fact that she did so and pushed to get it released as one of her singles certainly wasn’t an easy sale, especially to her company. “That’s fantastic, I’m sure she had to fight for that to come out. Every time I watch one of her videos and see “directed by Billie Eilish,” I think, “That’s my girl.” She also makes her own videos.

Beer performed at Reading & Leeds for the first time last month, and she was “very enthusiastic” about it before the show.

She remarked, “I’ve heard it’s fantastic. “I hope I blend in and that everyone like it. I’m a little anxious because I feel like there are a lot of people on the lineup who are way cooler than me, so I’m wondering, “Do I fit in here?,” but hopefully it will be enjoyable.


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