Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis Respond to “Ridiculous” Fan Speculation

Popular TikTokers Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis are allegedly involved in some online drama. At least, that’s what fans believe.

Two tweets from Nessa Barrett on September 15 sparked discussion among followers. “Dear God, do you hear me when I cry,” read one. another person added, “My only friends are Sab and Cynthia.”

A quick recap: After Nessa began seeing Mads’ ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler in early 2021, Nessa and Mads were unquestionably on bad terms. Fans believed that Nessa and Mads had reconciled in the interim, even though Nessa and Jaden have since broken up as of May 2022.

Mads Lewis responds to Twitter controversy
Following the drama, Mads Lewis quickly addressed it as followers filled social media with rumours. She wrote a lengthy Notes entry outlining the situation and claimed that someone had apologised on June 8 (presumably Nessa).

During their fruitful phone conversation, Mads acknowledged Nessa’s regret and declared that “we were on good terms.”

After TikToker Cooper Noriega passed away in June 2022, Sabrina Quesada and Nessa invited Lewis to “visit everyone” in Sabrina’s flat. She “spent approximately an hour there,” according to Lewis.

“I assumed we were friendly. Never claimed to be best friends. I only stated that we were mutuals. I apologise.

A few hours later, Nessa Barrett clarified the matter on Twitter, calling the conclusions made by fans about the entire incident “stupid.”

Sometimes, she admitted, “I simply tweet to tweet and forget that people make assumptions.” “I was baffled as to why I received so negative feedback for tweeting about my best pals.”

As of right moment, it appears like all is well between the two influencers and that they have reconciled with their respective fan groups.

Mads’ most recent tweet comes after her widely shared remarks regarding influencer Tayler Holder, another incident that alarmed her followers.



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