Concern is Raised by Mads Lewis’ Remarks Regarding Tayler Holder

Popular TikToker Tayler Holder is the subject of attention right now after being unfollowed by his fellow influencers in bulk earlier this year.

Holder has not yet been charged with anything specific, but those who unfollowed him made references to “serious charges” against the TikTok celebrity.

Later, he allegedly sent cease and desist letters to a number of authors, which many assumed were designed to stop the receivers from refuting the accusations made against him.

Mads Lewis, a popular TikToker, has now spoken on the issue, and her remarks are upsetting some of her followers.

The topic was discussed on the BFFs Podcast with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy on September 14. Mads stated during the interview that she had sadly called Holder’s ex-girlfriend Charly Jordan following their breakup in 2021 to inform her about the accusations against Holder.

“For her to be fully informed and aware of all that has occurred over the past few years? In fact, I once called this b**ch crying and said, “Oh my goodness, I need you to know all this information, it’s not safe,” when they initially split up.

“Oh my my, I feel for you, God loves you,” she exclaimed. After all of this knowledge is revealed, why did she just go back to being with him? That’s strange.

During a conversation with Tayler Holder, Mads Lewis discusses “victims.”
Not only that, but many fans think Mads hinted to being a possible Tayler Holder victim in a later remark she made during the conversation.

She said, “I didn’t get a Cease and Desist, therefore. “Want to know why? Since, guess what? You cannot send the victim a Cease and Desist letter by email or text message when there is only one person among the “victims.” That is not permitted of you. I’m only saying that I didn’t receive a cease and desist letter.


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