On ‘Midnights,’ Fans Believe Taylor Swift made fun of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Divorce

Those Swifties move quickly.

Many Taylor Swift fans believe that her new song “Vigilante S—t,” which appears on her “Midnights” album, is about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce.

On the song, the 32-year-old pop star sings about being “thick as thieves” with a nemesis’ ex and providing her with “cold hard proof.”

“Now she’s got the house, the kids, the pride / Imagine me, thick as thieves with your ex-wife,” she sings. “And she’s so lovely / Driving in your Benz.”

Swift’s followers now believe she has a secret friendship with Kardashian, 42, with whom she had a heated feud in 2016 involving West, 45.

“VIGILE S—T ABOUT KIM KARDASHIAN” OMG!!! GUYS!!!????????????!” a fan tweeted


One fan was ecstatic at the prospect of Swift and Kardashian making amends by pursuing the controversial rapper.

“Is vigilante s—t about Taylor and Kim teaming up to get revenge on Kanye because oh my god,” one user wrote.

Another fan praised Swift for her shady lyricism.

They wrote, “You can’t tell me this isn’t about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.” “We adore, respect, and love a petty Taylor Swift.”

After nearly seven years of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce from West in early 2021. She now lives with her four children in the former couple’s Hidden Hills, California, mansion and drives a Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

Meanwhile, some Swift fans believe “Vigilante S—t” is about Swift’s other public foe, Scooter Braun, and his ex-wife, Yael Cohen Braun.

Scooter, 41, who bought the majority of Swift’s catalogue in a contentious deal, divorced Yael, 35, in September.

Swift sings, “Someone told the FBI about his white collar crimes.”

Some fans believe the line refers to Scooter’s $200 million lawsuit from a failed private equity fund in June 2021.

“On Vigilante S—t, is Taylor admitting to assisting Yael Cohen in her divorce and alluding to turning Scooter Braun over to the FBI?” One fan echoed the sentiments of others.


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