On “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Dixie and Charli D’Amelio Discussed their Relationship

No relationship compares to that of sisters. It’s similar to having a built-in worst enemy and best buddy. The relationship between siblings is quite special and, well, it’s rather educating.

It can teach us how to mature and how delicate the line between our emotions is, as well as how quickly we may swing from love to hate and back again.

You can’t help but assume that famous siblings have always gotten along when you see pictures of them. They appear to be close friends since they seem to have a relationship.

Then you have to keep in mind that it most likely took a moment to get there. And the D’Amelio sisters are included in that.

Recently, when they appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, she questioned them about sibling relationships. When should I lean in and when should I lean out? said Drew, a mother of two girls.

The sisters then acknowledged that they once harboured animosity toward one another.

Regarding the relationship between the two, Dixie remarked, “We kind of despised each other, like completely hated each other.” It was “all of middle school until we got into high school together,” she said.

“After that, we grew close, and she joined me at all of my weekend parties. However, it sprang out of nowhere. Like when we wouldn’t communicate for weeks.

And now that it’s just the two of us living together, it’s enjoyable. When we argue, I’ve observed that it gets bothersome when they interject and ask, “What are you guys talking about?” And we were already past it,” Charli continued, referring to their present union.

In response to Drew’s query, Dixie continued, “But I think that makes things so much worse because we are done when parents get involved in siblings arguments.”

Hey, Dixie is not mistaken. The two confirmed that Drew’s intuition about when to lean in and when to lean out was sound, and she thanked them for their guidance.


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