Only Fans Model Hannah Palmer Secretly Filmed by a Stalker

An OnlyFans model has revealed the dark side of internet fame, including terrifying situations and creepy men.

Hannah Palmer, 24, claims to have made $5 million on OnlyFans since joining in March 2021. She also has 2.2 million Instagram followers, where she posts sexy photos.

While the sites brought her fame and fortune, they also allegedly exposed her to creepy and dangerous men.

She claimed to have encountered a stalker who followed her “everywhere,” someone who sent pictures of the inside of her home, and a man who recorded her through a window in her apartment and on her balcony and then posted the footage online since becoming internet famous.

Palmer eventually felt unsafe enough to contact the FBI.

“I’ve been scared in my own house at times. “It’s a little concerning because, despite my efforts to conceal my home and private information from the public, influencers aren’t able to provide themselves with much security or privacy despite being at risk of this type of fan behaviour,” Palmer told the Daily Mail.

In 2019, the model caught her first stalker when she discovered her neighbour secretly recording her in her Los Angeles apartment.

“He would wait for me to use my balcony so he could record me there, and the videos were posted online on some dubious websites,” she claimed.

Palmer only discovered the disturbing content when she Googled her name at random one day. She discovered that her next-door neighbour had been filming her and several other young women in the apartment building from his window and sharing the footage online.

“I contacted the police, who told me to contact the FBI because it was a cyber issue,” she said, adding that she “never heard back from them.”

A “weird” man was also spotted by the Instagram influencer.

“I wasn’t posting where I was, but my friends were,” she explained. “He’d use the posts to figure out where we were. We wouldn’t even label the companies or locations.”

The strange man would approach Palmer and ask for pictures of her feet. “It wasn’t dangerous, but it was strange,” she explained.

Unfortunately, when she moved into a new home last year, she found herself in a frightening situation.

“I began receiving texts from an unknown number, which included pictures of my house taken from [the neighbor’s] backyard, pictures of the inside of my house from Zillow, and disgusting verbal harassment,” Palmer told the Daily Mail.

“He also made violent and sexual threats to myself and my family.”

Palmer was certain to notify the police, who filed a full report, resulting in a restraining order due to the person’s violent threats.

Fortunately, “nothing has happened since then,” she explained.

The 24-year-old has become more concerned about her safety and security, and she has taken additional precautions to protect herself. She now has a second cell phone for work, a post office box for fan mail, a cyber security team, and a high-tech home security system.

In recent years, mental health professionals have raised concerns about the alarming global rise in incel culture and online abuse of women. The Anti-Defamation League defines incels as an extremist group of “heterosexual men who blame women and society for their lack of romantic success.”

“I’ve taken every precaution I can to keep my phone number and personal information private online,” she explained. “If I have crazy stalkers again, I’ll file police reports and, if necessary, restraining orders.”

Unfortunately, Palmer is not the only woman who is being stalked and harassed online. Tana Mongeau, a YouTuber and OnlyFans model, hired full-time security after a stalker allegedly appeared outside her Los Angeles home armed with knives earlier this year.



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