Rowen Grace, a teen singer on The Voice 22, channels Olivia Rodrigo

22nd season of The Voice Blind Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend filled the last positions on their respective teams on Monday night, bringing the audition process to a close. There were auditions, a coach’s performance, and a Battle that night. It’s interesting that the show saved some of the best auditions for last. One of the season’s best audition evenings was that one.

Rowan Grace is one of the singers whose work I want to hear more of. She is a native of South Dakota’s Rapid City. Isn’t it awesome to watch a Dakota singer? That doesn’t happen very often. She may be the second contender ever to list a city from either Dakota, according to a quick internet search.

Rowan, who is sixteen, is a contender for whom I would have quickly hit my button. She sings with a clean tone, and some of her wording differs from Olivia Rodrigo’s version of the hit song “Traitor.” The vocalist is a young artist already. She struggled a little with breath control and pitch after Gwen and John turned, which may have been caused by nerves. She then demonstrated the strength of her voice, causing Camila to turn. Her belts were really powerful, and given that she was the leader of her own band, the Rowan Grace Band, we can only hope that she performs a rock or a power ballad during her appearance on the programme.

Gwen appreciated the youthful sentiments she brought to the song. Rowan responded that her dad played drums in a band when John enquired as to whether her family was musical. She has performed in musicals, a band, and open mics. John remarked that she “identified with the song” and that everything she mentioned aids in “storytelling.” Camila expressed her delight at Rowan’s status as a “young, aspiring singer-songwriter” and claimed that because of her preference for pop ballads and indie music, Rowan reminds her of Olivia Rodrigo. Carter Rubin, who turned 15 on the programme, and Gwen won The Voice, Gwen said. Rowan is far more advanced than the majority of 15 or 16-year-olds, according to Blake.

One of the top vocalists of the season and jazzy soul singer Kim Cruse were among the other standouts of the evening. Justin Aaron sang John’s “Glory” flawlessly. Honorable attention goes to Jaedan Luke for his Bread cover, which had a wonderful falsetto.


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