Scarlett Johansson Explains Why She Quit Social Media After Three Days

In 2023, social media has permeated almost every aspect of our lives. It allows us to stay in touch with our loved ones, favourite celebrities, and world events. However, it is easy to forget that social media is not required. One can unsubscribe at any time, as Scarlett Johansson appears to have done just a few days after downloading Instagram.

The famous actress recently opened up about why she doesn’t have a social media presence, and it’s very relatable. I’m thinking about deleting everything myself. Here’s what she had to say about it on The Skinny Confidential podcast:

I honestly am too fragile a person to have social media. I can’t, my ego is too fragile. My brain is too fragile, I’m like a delicate flower. I have enough anxiety… I had Instagram once for three days. When I started realizing that I’d spent 20 minutes looking at somebody’s Instagram page who’s worked for a friend of mine, who had a family. Now I know you have a pitbull and two daughters and you live in like Burbank. I was like, I just wasted 17 minutes of time. I now feel like I should move to California, get this specific dog, and change my life in all these ways. I felt so bad, like I was missing out on this random person’s life. I can’t do this. I’m too fragile.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Johansson’s remarks really speak to the pitfalls of social media, which I believe we’ve all experienced in some way. It gives you a peek into other people’s carefully curated lives, and it can cause major FOMO at any time. However, the Asteroid City actress has more self-control than most of us and chose to keep it out of her life and thus not waste her time on it.

Scarlett Johansson, on the other hand, did not grow up on the internet like I did as a ’80s baby. Perhaps this has aided her in completely withdrawing from all social media platforms. In any case, she makes some excellent points about how a quick glance at one of these apps can derail one’s time in unhelpful ways. Having said that, the actress went on to say:

I mean it’s definitely fun. Everytime I see [TikTok] in our office, I then become like a 3-year-old with their mom’s phone where I get completely absorbed into it. That’s why I know I can’t have it.

Scarlett Johansson

Johansson discussed her relationship with social media in greater detail on the podcast, which you can listen to in full below:

Scarlett Johansson’s clean skincare line The Outset debuted recently in the skincare industry. As she stated, as the company’s founder, she does assist her team with TikToks and enjoys reading customer reviews. However, that is all she does with it.

While Johansson does not use social media, she and the cast of Asteroid City recently participated in the Wes Anderson TikTok trend. In an interview, she also stated that she would love to work with Tom Cruise. This, most likely due to a journalist seeing it on social media, allowed him to learn about it and express his mutual interest in the collaboration.

Then there’s the fact that her thoughts on these platforms reached me via social media, prompting me to reflect on my own relationship with those apps. In other words, these mediums can be both good and bad, but they serve as a connecting platform even if they are rarely used.

Following the release of Johansson’s latest film, Asteroid City, fans can look forward to her appearance in Transformers One, which will be released on September 13, 2024.


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