Sommer Ray in Swimwear Snacking on Gummy Worms Receives 1 Million Views

Sommer Ray has amassed 1 million TikTok views while snacking in a bikini on Instagram. The Colorado-born model and fitness vlogger recently delighted her TikTok fans by feeding herself gummy worms. Of course, Sommer Ray being bikini-clad on TikTok and Instagram is never a bad thing. Sommer showed off her killer figure in swimwear in this video, as well as her love of candy. She quickly drew attention, and fans seemed to notice that a nearby mirror highlighted the star’s backside.

Sommer Ray is a popular bikini model on TikTok and Instagram
Sommer dazzled in a multicoloured, floral-patterned bikini, proving that her fanbase will adore her no matter where she posts.

Sommer topped up her sugar levels as she casually snacked on a bag of gummy worms while flaunting her jaw-dropping abs, curvy hips, and built legs. The ex-girlfriend of rapper Machine Gun Kelly was flanked by a full-length mirror, which provided a very cheeky view of her sculpted backside. Sommer Ray completed her look with a baseball cap, saying on TikTok, “Gummy worms.”

Sommer Ray Shows Off Her Killer Bikini Body On Instagram

The video has now received over one million views. Sommer, 26, has been keeping busy on Instagram. Her summer swimwear posts have been consistent, despite the fact that she is still promoting her IAMRAIS beauty brand.

Sommer provides fans with edible beauty in the form of gummies. The model is more concerned with what you put into your body than with what you put on your skin.

“We just wanted to make a “better gummy” – one that tastes better, produces better results, and is better for your body.” We are vegan and plant-based, as well as cruelty-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, carrageenan-free, and GMO-free! “The majority of other gummies on the market are not,” she explained to Mogul. Somme Ray told her Instagram followers in August 2022 that her product “will have your skin glowing from the inside out.” Activated c, vegan squalane, and marine algae protect, plump, and hydrate while also tasting amazinggg.”


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