The Family of PnB Rock Reportedly Struggled to have his Body Released for the Funeral Service

According to reports, PnB Rock’s body is on its way home. From it seems like the procedure was anything but simple.

His brother addressed some of the contention between the family and the medical examiner on Instagram a few days after the rapper was shot and died in Los Angeles.

PnB Meen posted on Instagram, “We’ve been having problems getting my brother back to Philadelphia.” “The state of Los Angeles claims to have a statute that is in conflict with our rights as Muslims. Now, I’m unsure of the date of his Janazah. It’s wrong, you guys. It’s been a week almost. I am praying. I have your daughters and you, bro.

In the Muslim tradition of janazah, a person is normally buried within 24 hours of passing away. According to sources, the mother of the rapper immediately took a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles after learning about PnB Rock’s shooting. The mother claimed her son was the victim and commanded the medical examiner to release the body right away for burial. According to reports, the examiner declined, claiming that because the body was now being used in a homicide investigation, they couldn’t release it. The back-and-forth reportedly became so hostile that police were called to the coroner’s office to defuse the situation, according to sources.

The mother of PnB Rock apparently objected to an autopsy because it went against their religious views, but she was told that it was mandated by law despite her objections.
According to sources, the medical examiner informed the family that the body will be ready for release on Friday. Uncertainty surrounds whether the body is still in Los Angeles or is on its way to Philadelphia, the rapper’s birthplace.

On September 12, PnB Rock was eating at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles in Los Angeles when he was robbed and fatally shot. He had been shot in the back and the chest, the coroner determined, and it was determined that his death was a homicide. In relation to the incident, no one has yet been arrested by the authorities.



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