Vans & Gallery Dept. Quietly Dropped a Proper Sneaker Collab

First, Gallery Dept. was closing, then founder Josué Thomas was opening a sort of resort, and finally, Gallery Dept. was not closing and was opening a new store in Miami. Which one is it?!?!

The only certainty is that Gallery Dept. isn’t going away anytime soon, thanks to its first sneaker collaboration. Gallery Dept. has collaborated with Vans to release an OG Old Skool LX that is light on subtlety and heavy on deconstruction.

Gallery Dept. and Vans

Gallery Dept.’s Vans collaboration, first seen on Thomas’ Instagram, tweaks the Old Skool’s inherent details by color-blocking the toecaps, fuzzing the Jazz Stripe, scuffing the midsole, and stitching Gallery Dept.’s “ART THAT KILLS” mantra on the heels.

According to the press release, the newspaper-like print on the uppers, branded laces, and midsoles is inspired by “punk show flyers,” as evidenced by the graphic reference to hardcore band Earth Crisis. It has a DIY vibe that is distinctly Gallery Dept.

Gallery Dept.’s Vans Old Skool will be available for $150 at its Miami and Los Angeles flagship stores on May 12 and on Gallery Dept.’s website on May 13, making it one of the most affordable Gallery Dept. drops ever.

Vans Vault and the Vans website will stock the sneakers on May 19th, following the launch.

The Gallery Dept. x Vans collaboration was first seen in a leaked photo on social media in January 2023. Speculation suggested that the shoes would be released in May 2023, which proved to be correct.

Gallery Dept. and Vans

Thomas reposted Highsnobiety’s Instagram post about the sneakers at the time, as if to confirm the news.

It’s also worth noting that, while these Vans are the brand’s first proper sneaker collaboration, the brand did take on some Lanvin shoes as part of a larger collection. Meanwhile, Gallery Dept.’s Vans shoes are entirely unique.


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