Anderson Silva Believes Nate Diaz will Defeat Jake Paul

Anderson Silva believes his former opponent Jake Paul will lose to fellow UFC legend Nate Diaz in their upcoming boxing match.

Silva, 48, was defeated by Paul, 25, in a unanimous decision last October, but the YouTuber-turned-boxer has since suffered his first defeat at the hands of Love Island star Tommy Fury. Diaz has yet to make his boxing debut, and despite the UFC legend’s lack of ring experience, Silva believes Diaz will beat Paul when they meet on August 5 in Dallas.

Jake Paul VS Anderson Silva

“Jake is putting in a lot of work. “Everything he does must be respected because it is very professional and focused,” Silva told Fight Hub TV. “It’s difficult to say who will win because both fighters are excellent.” Nate has more experience, as well as good boxing and cardio. I value both.”

“Jake has a good coach; he’s very intelligent.” The fight isn’t about strength; it’s about timing, and both have excellent timing. Jake has some boxing experience and is learning every day, but Nate is a beast! You must prepare for war when you go to fight him. I believe he has the most experience and is the favourite.”

Diaz was present for Paul’s fight against Silva, but he left before the main event to watch teammate Chris Avila win on the undercard. During fight week, the UFC bad-boy gave Paul the middle finger, and Paul responded by calling him out after beating Silva, calling him a “b****” for leaving the arena.

Jake Paul VS Anderson Silva

Paul is confident that his fight against Diaz will be a huge success on pay-per-view, and he admits that he cannot afford to lose another fight after losing to Fury. “I’m filled with vengeance; I can’t afford to lose two games in a row, so this means everything to me.” He does not want to lose to a YouTuber, and I believe this will be a fight for the ages. “I believe this could be one of the biggest pay-per-views in recent years,” he said on his YouTube channel.

“I’m excited to show you the changes I’ve made in my own life.” I want to show you how to overcome adversity and beat someone’s a**. That being said, if I lose again, it will be back to normalcy, no joke. But I’m not going to lose, and if I do, I’ll be a YouTuber for life.”



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