IShowSpeed Claims that KSI is Making “Excuses” for Not Boxing Him

KSI is a household name in the influencer-boxing world. KSI, who started the trend with his fight against Logan Paul in 2018, has officially returned to the ring after taking a long break to focus on his music career.

However, the YouTuber has publicly stated that he intends to retire from boxing after facing three more opponents this year. With this in mind, it appears that he’s had no shortage of challengers eager to take him on… including IShowSpeed.

IShowSpeed is a top YouTube streamer and a friend of KSI. The two first met during the Sidemen charity football match in 2022, and they have since developed a friendly rivalry.

IShowSpeed and KSI

IShowSpeed claims that KSI has backed out of a boxing match with him
Speed appears to be hoping to face KSI in the boxing ring rather than on the football pitch. During a recent broadcast, the YouTuber spoke out about his friend, revealing that he’d practically begged KSI for a boxing match.

“It was a few months ago,” he explained. “I said, ‘Bro,’ because it was a private conversation.” ‘Bro, seriously, box me,’ I said. Like, bro, come on. Let us get this right.'”

“He’s like, ‘Nah bruv,’ he says, imitating KSI’s British accent.” “‘No way, bruv, I can’t do that…we’re not the same weight.’ I swear on my life, he made up every single excuse in the book.”

This isn’t the first time these two have discussed a possible boxing match. Fans paired the YouTubers for a fight last year, but KSI insisted that he’d “decimate” his younger opponent before brushing him off due to their different weight classes and ages.

Unfortunately, IShowSpeed vs KSI is unlikely to happen anytime soon, if ever, as the Brit prepares for his upcoming fight against pro boxer Joe Fournier in May.



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