Bryce Hall was Arrested in Los Angeles After Getting into a Drunken Fist Fight

Bryce Hall has revealed more details about the incident that landed him in jail last weekend after he got into a fistfight while drinking at a local Los Angeles club.

A video of Bryce Hall in handcuffs being escorted toward a police car began making its way around TikTok over the last week.

The video was shot outside of a club where Bryce and Josh Richards were hanging out before the incident that led to Hall’s arrest.

Bryce and Josh provided additional details about what occurred just before the police arrived on the October 12 episode of Dave Portnoy’s BFFs podcast.

Bryce Hall discusses what happened before he was arrested.

Bryce explained that he was at the club with Josh Richards when they received a bill that listed three more bottles of tequila than they had actually consumed.

He mentioned it to the waitress, who argued that he had indeed purchased the extra product. After some back and forth, the waitress went to speak with her boss.

“It was taking about 30 minutes, so Josh and I went to the back and poked our heads in.” Hey, um, can I get my card and ID back? “I’ll cover the cost of the three bottles I ordered,” he explained.

“One of the ladies just comes and yells in my face and I was like ‘Okay, I just want my ID and card back… this is getting out of hand.’ and it just went downhill from there.”

Josh went on to say that a kitchen employee came out and “just started shoving,” and that one of the employees eventually punched their friend Zack, prompting Bryce to punch the employee back.

It’s unclear whether he’ll face legal charges, but the situation between him and the club’s staff has been resolved, according to Bryce.



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