The X-Factor Winner was KO’d in Three Seconds by Jake Paul’s Sparring Partner

Singer Ashley Tebi of Rak-Su, whose trio won the 2017 season of X-Factor, was knocked out by Anthony Taylor on Saturday night’s episode of Misfits Boxing on KSI in just three seconds.

The boxer, who had previously competed on Wicked ‘n’ Bad shows, faced Taylor, a Jake Paul sparring partner who had previously fought Tommy Fury over a long period of time. The American dodged a careless shot and knocked him down with his first punch in the opening fight, demonstrating the levels.

Tebi was clearly surprised by what he had just been hit with, but he recovered quickly enough to stand up and continue the round despite Taylor’s onslaught. The American has struggled to win on television during his influencer boxing career, but against Tebi, a far weaker opponent, he displayed all of his abilities.

When Taylor’s opponent unavoidably fell to the ground a few seconds later in the second round, it was determined that he had slipped. The Rak-Su star tried to clinch and get punches away for the remainder of the battle, but Taylor walked him down and used his talent to maintain the fight on his terms, and the judges ultimately gave him the victory.

After the fight, Tebi made a joke, “I urged him to take it easy.” “He struck me in the head right away, and I immediately asked, ‘What was that?’ Greetings, my brother. I was slogged, he knocked me to the ground inside the first five seconds, and my only thought was, “What’s this? The remainder of it is then just


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